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ASY-B -series gravure printing machine

Performance and Characteristics:

1, the latest improved gear box 360 degrees without stopping the machine on the version of the device.
2, the Mobile Squeegee device, transverse reciprocating motion.
3, the far-infrared heating tube drying system to maintain a dry 70m/min.
Unwinding traction adopts magnetic powder brake material moving more smoothly.
5, winding section, traction and winding are made of magnetic powder clutch, precise chromatic winding end is more neatly.
6, the current output temperature control system makes heating fast power saving.
7, flip duplex unwinding and rewinding body, do not stop to pick refueling.
8, the positive and negative continuous printing.
9, double-oven drying system and a large version of the device can print the pattern of the circumference of 1200mm.
The main technical parameters

机型 ASY-B-6600 ASY-B-6800 ASY-B-61000
width of printing 600mm 800mm 1000mm
width of base material 620mm 820mm 1020mm
speed of printing 10~60m/min 10~60m/min 10~60m/min
diameter of unwind ф600mm ф600mm ф600mm
diameter of printing cylinder ф70~ф390mm ф70~ф390mm ф70~ф390mm
register precision ±0.2mm ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
power 21.6kw 28.8kw 36kw
power of motor 29.2Kw 36.6 Kw 44Kw
weight 6500kg 7000 kg 7500 kg
overall dimension 8100×1900×2400mm 8100×2100×2400mm 8100×2300×2400mm

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