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-BGF-type - series of dry laminating machine

The machine is suitable for plastic / plastic composite, paper / plastic composite, aluminum / plastic composite compound and other materials in the packaging industry.
1, the host adopts imported double variable frequency
synchronous speed, so running more smoothly. 2, roller, rubber, rubber roller pass glue in two ways.
3, composite cylinder oil heating system, thermostat control.
4, double, double release, to close, and rewinding tension magnetic powder control Unwinding optical correction.
5, bake Road, Sec heating, can be segmented to control the temperature inside the guide roll initiative.
Main technical parameters:

model BGF-600 BGF-800 BFG-1000
width 600mm 800mm 1000mm
stratification 2layers 2layers 2layers
speed 10-70m/min 10-70m/min 10-70m/min
diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm
temperate 110℃ 110℃ 110℃
power 36kw 44kw 44kw
weight 4000kg 5400kg 5400kg
overall dimension 7500×1700×2700mm 7500×2100×2700mm 7500×2100×2700mm

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