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GT - A--Series dry pneumatic compound machine

The machine is suitable for the packaging industry, composite materials, such as plastic - plastic composite, paper -plastic composite, paper - paper composite and aluminum foil composite.
Main technical parameters:

model GT-600A GT-800A GT-1000A
width of laminating 600mm 800mm 1000mm
width of base material 620mm 820mm 1020mm
speed of laminating 80m/min 80m/min 80m/min
speed of machine 90 m/min 90 m/min 90 m/min
diameter of roll material ф500mm ф500mm ф500mm
Inner diameter of base material ф76mm ф76mm ф76mm
length 7500mm 7500mm 7500mm
power of head 23.4mm 31.2mm 39mm
power 37mm 46.3mm 56mm
weight 6000kg 7000kg 8000kg
overall dimension L8300×W1600×H3000mm L8300×W1800×H3000mm L8300×W2000×H3000mm

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