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SJ-B90, 100,110,120 -plastic recycling granulator

The main technical parameters

model SJ-90 SJ-100 SJ-110 SJ-120
diameter of screw stem φ90 φ100 φ110 φ120
major diameter ration of screw stem L/D 20:1 -22:1 L/D 20:1 -22:1 L/D 20:1 -22:1 L/D 20:1 -22:1
rational speed of screw stem 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min
power of motor 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw
output 68kg/h 95kg/h 120kg/h 135kg/h
weight 2600kg 2800kg 3000kg 3200kg
overall dimension 4000×1500×1800 4000×1500×1800 4000×1500×1800 4000×1500×1800

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