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GFQ-1300B-automatic high-speed cutting machine

Machine appearance, performance and characteristics of technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

Performance and Characteristics:
1, the machine's electrical control system by PLC centralized control, sub-cut technology requirements, by the touch screen set up sub-cut parameters, LCD control of the state, control system start buffering, parking locking meter m fixed length and other features in screen The operation is very simple.
2, and rewinding tension control with automatic tension control system, the unwinding tension remains constant, can also be controlled according to process requirements to achieve the taper. Corrective Japan the Mihashi LPC photoelectric automatic correction system automatically "with the side" or "with the line" to ensure that the substrate material moving in the correct position.
3, the raw material loading and unloading gas cap style shaftless clamping and hydraulic lift structure.
4, the main traction winding is composed of two vector control variable frequency drive. Winding slitting process requirements set parameters and the change of the diameter of the winding tension by PLC automatic control, digital taper.
Rewind slip points of tension inflatable closing reel, slip force automatic control and adapt to the uneven thickness of the material coil slitting.

Main technical parameters:

model GFQ-1300B
Thickness of cutting material 0.012-0.15mm
max width of mother roll 1300mm
diameter of unwind ф700mm
width of unwind 50-700mm
diameter of rewind ф480mm
Roll core diameter ф76mm/ф152mm
speed of machine 400m/min
speed of slitting 350m/min
power 12kw
weight 3600kg
overall dimension L2000×W3200×H1700mm

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