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GT-HS2580- fully automatic high-speed cutting machine

Performance and Characteristics:
1, The machine adopts Germany's Siemens PLC centralized communications control and human-computer interface system, according to the production process requirements, real-time input or adjust the parameters and monitor thedevice status, system start buffering, parking locking meter long and detailed self-diagnostic function, operation and maintenance easy.
2, pan-type winding: in the process of winding, rolling workstation automatically pan out along the horizontal direction asthe winding diameter increases, to ensure the stability of the geometric parameters of the winding in the winding process, which to achieve high quality slitting and rewinding.
3, the traction and closing curly take the Siemens servo system to control and drive the PLC according to process requirements and set the tension and taper, real-time winding diameter, cutting speed and cutting width of the automatic control of winding tension.
4, no shaft center winding, multi-winding (4 stations inside and outside the 2-position), each winding station has aseparate drive and tension control system, each winding unit has can operate independently of the pressure rollersystem.
5, adjacent to the station winding motor can be connected in series driver, coiling large roll diameter, the width of thematerial.
6, loading and unloading of raw materials using the gas cap style shaftless clamping and the structure of the hydraulic lifting, loading and unloading quick and easy.
Unwinding tension control with Japan's Mitsubishi automatic tension control system, and rewinding tension remains constant, according to process requirements taper control. Correction using the auto-correction system to ensure thatthe substrate material moving in the correct position.

Main technical parameters:

model GT-HS2580
thickness of slitting 12~120μm
Roll substrate width 500~2580mm
diameter of unwind ф1000mm
width of slitting 300~2550mm
diameter of rewind ф600mm
Roll core diameter ф76mm or ф152mm
speed of slitting 500m/min(The actual speed is determined by the type of material and the quality of the winding core )
speed of machine 600 m/min
power 16Kw
weight 13500Kg
overall dimension L5500×W4500×H2500mm

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